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Namah, a leading manufacturer of yarn, ropes, and harness, places a high emphasis on testing and quality control at each stage of production to ensure the highest standards of product quality. Beginning with the selection of raw materials, Namah conducts rigorous testing to ensure that only the finest quality materials are used in our climbing safety equipment and gear. During the spinning of yarn, the quality of the fibers is continuously monitored through various tests, including tensile strength, twist, and evenness.

As the yarn is transformed into ropes and harnesses, Namah conducts thorough inspections at each stage, including braiding, twisting, and finishing, to ensure that the products meet or exceed industry standards. Additionally, our climbing safety equipment and gear undergo comprehensive quality control checks. This includes load testing, stress testing, and durability testing, to ensure that they are reliable and safe for their intended use. Namah’s commitment to testing and quality control at every stage of production ensures that their yarn, ropes, and harnesses are of the highest quality and meet the needs of their customers. In addition to their focus on testing and quality control, Namah also prioritizes sustainability throughout the production process of yarn, ropes, and harnesses. Namah employs eco-friendly practices, including the use of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled fibers, whenever possible. 

They also prioritize reducing waste and minimizing their environmental footprint by implementing recycling and waste management practices in their production facilities. Namah’s commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging materials, opting for recyclable or biodegradable options. Our rope climbing equipment and accessories also comply with local environmental regulations and industry standards to ensure responsible manufacturing practices. By integrating sustainability into their climbing safety equipment and gear, we aim to contribute positively to the environment and promote a more sustainable future.

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