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Namah, a renowned manufacturer of safety equipment, offers a premium seat harness that prioritizes both protection and comfort. Designed with padded cushioning for optimal comfort during prolonged use, the Namah seat harness ensures that users can work or engage in recreational activities without discomfort or strain.

The harness also features an ergonomic design that promotes proper body positioning, reducing fatigue and enhancing user mobility. With adjustable straps for a secure fit and reinforced stitching for durability, the Namah seat harness is a reliable choice for fall protection while prioritizing user comfort, making it an ideal option for a wide range of applications. 

Sit Harness Virgo


  • Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing for Soft feel
  • Extra cushioning on thighs with folded edges
  • Adjustable Waist belt and leg loops
  • 1 gear loops with weight capacity 10 kgs
  • Weight 450 grams
  • Single attachment point
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • Size- Universal 
  • Adjustable leg loop elastic


  • Padding of EVA foam with 3D mesh for better comfort at waist and legs
  • Auto-locking steel buckles on the waist and legs
  • Smooth seamed edges on adjustable waist belt and leg loops 
  • Detachable Elastic straps 
  • 3 reinforced webbing gear loops with load capacity of 10 kgs each
  • Belay Loop 20mm wide 
  • Weight 450 grams 
  • Waist- 91 cm – 123cm
  • Leg- 49cm- 78 cm
Capri | Sit Harness


  • 20 mm belay loop as attachment/tie-in point
  • Wide padded waist belt for extra comfort and uniform pressure distribution
  • Two auto locking buckles on waist for fast and easy adjustment
  • Adjustable Leg loops
  • Detachable Elastic straps
  • 3 braided gear Loops 
  • Weight- 490 grams 
  • Waist – 99cm, 154cm
  • Leg Loop – 44cm, 72cm

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