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As a premier static rope manufacturer and kernmantle rope manufacturer, NAMAH Ropes lead the way in innovative climbing gear solutions for users of semi-static ropes. Our range of semi-static and low stretch ropes is meticulously designed with reduced rope drag. This provides smooth passage through gear placements and obstacles, ensuring an efficient climbing experience.

NAMAH ropes also incorporate a carefully engineered blend of stretch and stiffness, optimizing shock absorption and handling, while maintaining durability and versatility. With NAMAH ropes, climbers can trust in the highest standards of fall protection, as their ropes are rigorously tested and rated for superior performance in a variety of climbing scenarios.

Choose NAMAH ropes for reliable, safe, and enjoyable climbing adventures, backed by their commitment to quality and innovation. 

Available in custom colours and lengths with middle marking and ultrasonic finish on rope ends.


  1. With meticulous attention to detail, ropes are carefully coiled in a butterfly formation, ensuring tangle-free and organized storage. This packaging method allows for easy identification and retrieval of ropes, while minimizing the risk of knots and damage.
  2. We also offer the option of packaging ropes in over 100 meter coils on plastic drums, providing added convenience for handling and transportation. These drums are designed to protect the rope from moisture and external elements, ensuring that the ropes remain in optimal condition even during prolonged storage or transportation.
Semi-Static and Low Stretch Ropes Manufacturers

Rope Access and Arborist

NAMAH ropes, acclaimed kernmantle rope manufacturers, offer exceptional static ropes renowned for their precision in rope access and arborist applications. These ropes are crafted with precision, using high-quality materials that ensure durability, strength, and reliability.

NAMAH static ropes are rigorously tested to meet industry standards and are trusted by professionals in rope access and arborist fields for their exceptional performance. With features such as low stretch, high tensile strength, and excellent handling characteristics, NAMAH static ropes provide the necessary stability and security for demanding tasks at height. 

Whether you are a rope access technician or an arborist, you can rely on NAMAH ropes for premium quality static ropes that prioritize safety, durability, and performance.

Leading Static Ropes Exporter

Technical Specification

All our static ropes, crafted with expertise as a static rope manufacturer, comply with EN 1891:1998 & UIAA 107 standards. This epitomizes our commitment to quality in semi-static and low stretch ropes

DiameterINDUS 9,0 mmINDUS 9,5 mmINDUS 10,5 mmINDUS 12 mm
Weight (g/m)50556790
Breaking Strength (with fig. eight knot)14.50 kN15.50 kN16.50 kN22 kN
No. of Standard Falls> 5> 5> 5> 5
Impact Force< 6 kN< 6 kN< 6kN< 6kN
Elongation< 5%< 5%< 5%< 5%
Note: Typing error or technical changes reserved. Queries/ confirmation through mail or phone.

10,5 mm ROBUST Static Rope is CE certified used for Arborist and Rope Access System

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Our static ropes, a testament to our reputation as a leading static rope manufacturer, are designed for minimal stretch to provide dependable support in vertical environments. They are perfect for applications requiring semi-static and low stretch ropes.

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