Scaling Sustainability

Celebrating 125 years of a rich legacy, Namah Ropes is a company with an unwavering commitment to eco-conscious principles. They seamlessly blend tradition with modern innovation, ensuring their products meet the highest standards while honoring their long-standing heritage.

Our Community's Trust

Namah Ropes has earned the trust of our community through a steadfast commitment to our users. We champion eco-friendly packaging for all our products, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. For over six decades, we’ve dedicated 2.5% of our profits to social upliftment, contributing to positive change and demonstrating our responsibility towards society. Each product we craft tells a story of our unwavering dedication to sustainability and social well-being.

The Heart of Namah

At Namah Ropes, our employees are at the heart of our organization. We offer more than just remuneration; we ensure care and growth for our dedicated team. Continuous skill development takes center stage in our employee programs, fostering their professional growth and advancement. It’s not uncommon for many of our employees to have shared a meaningful and enduring relationship with us for over 40 years, exemplifying the strong bond and commitment we have towards our workforce.

Planet First

Namah Ropes is dedicated to putting the planet first and preserving our environment. We’ve made significant strides in this endeavor:

  • We’ve transitioned to using 100% natural gas in our operations.
  • Our focus includes water harvesting and efficient waste recycling.
  • We derive power from harmony, with our manufacturing units using solar panels.

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